Client-centric business law is not complicated at all. Not one bit. Or at least it should not be. It’s simply like this: The client comes first. The business, needs and objectives of the client company. Not legal matters. But the client’s business. 

Then the services are customized to correspond to client’s needs. The services are not only easy to access but also produced cost-efficiently. And then the magic happens – in co-operation. And that is exactly how Youristia works.

So there it is, not complicated at all. But it is, however, so rare that we established  Youristia. So, that your success would not depend on legal matters. 

Youristia is an unforeseeably client-centric business law firm which offers customized service.

Justification for our being is simple:  The success of your business will not depend on legal matters. On that part, we will enable your business to flourish.



The client comes first. And second. And third.
Together we are more. Together we’ll make the magic happen. And miracles too.
We grow, we develop and we improve. Everything. All the time.

Our services cover all legal services your company needs in a large scale from daily contract law to demanding transactions.

We offer our services in all areas of business law, including:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Corporate law
  • Employment law
  • M&A
  • Real estate transactions
  • Funding rounds

MyYouristia™ offers you a customized continuous service solution.



Reeta Niemisvirta (LL.M., MBA, LL.M. (UC Berkeley)) has +20 years of experience in dealing with demanding legal assignments as an in-house counsel at a major international listed company and as an attorney.

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