We offer our services in different areas of business law, including:

Commercial contracts: We have advised our client companies in drafting non-disclosure agreements, agent and resale agreements, contract manufacturing agreements, project and various cooperation agreements.

Corporate law: We have helped our client companies to implement share issues and option arrangements as well as to arrange general meetings and board meetings.

Employment law: We have helped our clients in organizing change negotiations and advised in drafting CEO agreements and employment termination agreements.

M&A: We have advised our Finnish and international clients in arrangements for both share purchase and business purchase transactions. We have taken care of the due diligence inspection of the object of the sale and advised our clients in purchase agreement negotiations.

Real estate transactions: We have taken care of the due diligence inspection of real estate limited companies and real estate and negotiation of purchase agreements.

Funding rounds: We have advised in negotiations with investors and in drafting investment agreements. In addition, we have drafted and updated shareholder agreements for our clients.